Don with medalOn behalf our War Veterans and the Active duty soldiers serving around the world, I would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt appreciation for your contribution to Freedom Memorial Park. Your generosity had helped us move forward in honoring and memorialize the men, women, and units of the Armed forces, Killed in Action, POW/MIA, and Veterans who have served to defend our country.

Contributions to the Freedom Memorial Park Fund, 501C (3) foundation is tax deductible. Once again, thank you for your support.

Freedom Memorial Park celebrates the strength and longevity of the mutual respect, admiration and gratitude shared by military personnel, their families, and our citizens. The very fabric of local society is that of a fine tapestry woven from precious threads representing the courage, strength, beliefs, and talents from all who have enjoyed life in our community. Each thread in our tapestry represents the sons and daughters of our free nation, whether civilian or military, and how we have chosen to come together for the benefit of our shared community for nearly a century. Even before Fayetteville and Cumberland County became home to multiple military bases, our families have offered their sons and daughters to the military, sometimes serving on opposing sides, yet always with great honor. Cumberland County and Fayetteville have grown in many ways as a result of the commerce generated by being home to Fort Bragg, Camp Mackall, Pope Army Air Field, and the VA Medical Center as far back as 1918.

The local economy thrives as a result of the billions of dollars generated in support of military operations across the decades. The economic benefit generated by active duty service members and their families – as well as over 35,000 military retirees – calling our community home is ongoing evidence of a successful partnership. The benefits to the soul of our community by military families and retirees as they volunteer to coach little league, strengthen our service organizations, and in general invest their time and their hearts are priceless. Freedom Memorial Park stands as testament to the honor Fayetteville and Cumberland County has for its combat veterans, and to the dedication this community holds to support those who stand for our freedom – past, present, and future.

When I was first stationed at Fort Bragg in 1963, I found only one monument to the brave citizens having served in the military – the Confederate Soldier Memorial on Green Street. In the decades since I first called Fayetteville home, a number of communities have erected beautiful monuments in memory of those citizens having made the ultimate sacrifice for our great nation. Citizens of Cumberland County, the City of Fayetteville and our military collectively recognized the importance of developing an appropriate place to honor and remember those we have lost in combat. Freedom Memorial Park developed out of that shared desire, and has been built with donated funds and the dedication of volunteers. As we approach completion of the park that serves as a dignified place to commemorate all of our military service members, especially the living, we still need financial assistance to finish the project.

Please actively support our Freedom Memorial Park with your generous contributions.

Don Talbot – Chairman
Freedom Memorial Park Steering Committee