“Memorial Day Remembrance”

May 28, 2018

We come together today to remember the fallen and to appreciate the sacrifices they made to keep our nation safe and secure from our nation’s founding to the current Global War on Terrorism. We know their war stories and see the medals they wore proving their tenacity, courage, strength, and skill who on the wild seas and hostile beaches, in steaming jungles and mud filled valleys, on icy mountains and in rubble strewn cities, suffered and died for all of us. It is time for all of America to realize that much of our best blood has been spilled all over the world so that we might live free and unchained!

Today, we dedicate a new memorial The Global War on Terrorism Memorial Monument in remembrance of those who were taken from us in an act of terrorism and war against the United States of America. The attacks upon us are proof that we, the people, and our nation are all vulnerable and that we must be eternally vigilant with a strong military. We must never forget these things.

The Global War on Terrorism Memorial Monuments and plaza came to us with major funding from members of the Cape Fear Chapter, Military Officers Association of America. We sincerely appreciate their consideration and support.

Don Talbot, Chairman

Freedom Memorial Park Steering Committee


“Call out our names and we shall live forever!”