Bernice L. Deal, Pfc., Army

Albert S. Dembo, Pfc., Army

William F. Donithan, Pfc., Army

Clarence P. Dunn, Seaman 2c, Navy

Otto Fletcher, Jr., Tech. Sgt., Army

Walter R. Gainer, Aviation Ordnanceman 1c, Navy

Johnny Gehring, Pfc., Army

James C. Gibbs, Pfc., Army

Carl S. Godwin, Pvt., Army

Ernest Godwin, Sgt., Army

Eddie L. Gorden, Sgt., Army

Johnnie G. Grimes, Tech. Sgt., Army

Leon K. Hair, Seaman 2c, Navy

Alfred B. Haire, Pvt., Army

Raymond A. Hall, Machinist’s Mate 1c, Navy

Augustus Hamilton, Jr., 1st Lt., Army

George W. Hanby, Jr., Capt., Army

William S. Harris, 2nd Lt., Army

James W. Hatchell, Pfc., Army

Crawford L. Hedgpeth, Cpl., Army

General P. Holland, Pfc., Army

Garrett T. Hughes, Pfc., Army

Roland Hyatt, Pfc., Marine Corps

Quinton Jackson, Tech. Sgt., Army

John W. Jones, Pfc., Army

Robert G. Jones, 2nd Lt., Army

Oscar R. Jordan, Tech. Sgt., Army

Arthur J. Knott, Pvt., Army

Harold F. Krauss, Jr., 2nd Lt. Army

Benjamin T. Langdon, Pvt., Marine Corps

James A. LeBlanc, Staff Sgt., Army

Kermit A. Lee, 1st Lt., Army

Douglas D. McCorquodale, Staff Sgt., Army

Luther H. McDaniel, Sgt., Army

John H. McIlwinen, 1st Lt., Army

Earl D. McLamb, Sgt., Army

Adley E. Matthews, Jr., Cpl., Army

Rudolph S. Matthews, Pvt., Army

Britt D. Maxwell, Jr., Staff Sgt., Army

Percy L. Melvin, Pvt., Army

Charles H. Moore, Pvt., Army

Lester J. Moore, Sgt., Army

Otis Moore, Electrician’s Mate 1c, Navy

Teddy O. Neese, Cpl., Army

James H. Nunnery, Pvt., Army

Walter D. Odom, Jr., Sgt., Army

Albert M. Pate, Pvt., Army

William A. Poole, 1st Lt., Army

Curtiss B. Pope, Staff Sgt., Army

Lacy H. Reaves, Pfc., Army

Gilbert F. Rhiner, Pfc., Army

Earl B. Roach, Jr., Pvt., Army

William E. Royal, Tech. 4, Army

Lester Shaw, Pfc., Army

William M. Shaw, Jr., Pfc., Army

David G. Smith, Pvt., Army

Graham T. Smith, Jr. Sgt., Army

Mack H. Smith, Staff Sgt., Army

Neill A. Smith, Pfc., Army

Floyd B. Souders, Capt., Army

Donald M. Stewart, Capt. Army

William M. Stone, Tech. Sgt., Army

Curtis L. Tatum, Pfc., Army

Henry B. Tice, Sgt., Army

Joseph B. Tyler, Jr., Pvt., Army

William E. Tyndal, Seaman 1c, Navy

Richard C. Tyson, 2nd Lt., Army

Daniel J. Underwood, Sgt., Army

Boyd Vuncannon, Pfc., Army

Charles M. Watson, Cpl., Army

Arbie J. West, Sgt., Army

Truemon L. West, Seaman 2c, Navy

Walter L. Willard, Pfc., Marine Corps

George A. Williams, Pvt., Marine Corps

William S. Williams, Jr., Cpl., Army

William E. Williford, Staff Sgt., Army

Oscar F. Wood, Staff Sgt., Army

Francis F. Young, Fireman 3c, Navy.